Freight Payment and Audit and Recovery

Customizable, clear, and comprehensive, an audit platform allows both a broad overview and the ability to drill down to the individual employee or vehicle. In this way, the movement of every part of the operation, including transport paths for individual loads, can be accurately audited, payment allocations conformed, and any discrepancies quickly identified. A system capable of automatically initiating recovery delivers savings in both contractual and service problems., covering both lost or late deliveries and billing problems simultaneously.

Transportation Sourcing Negotiations

As competition for space and value increase, the need to secure the right transport partners and suppliers is increasingly essential. Negotiations today are about much more than costs, requiring detailed industry knowledge and experience to create transport solutions that offer value, but also provide the reporting and delivery solutions expected in today’s market. We help negotiate integrated transport solutions that meet needs, budgets and expectations across the world.

RFP management and consulting

For large organizations, both private and public, RFPs remain the preferred option for identifying the best transport services and rates available to them. Our highly experienced team offer complete management of all RFPs, from strategic planning to comprehensive bid management. Through our bespoke system, we guide each client through the process to enable a simple workflow for all RFPs. From defining project objectives, through RFP criteria planning and the creation of the bid document, everything is handled seamlessly to deliver the best outcome every time.

LTL Pool Consolidation Services

Our highly experienced logistics team provide sophisticated load management solutions that balance cost, capacity and service provision for shippers of all sizes. We use industry leading technology to identify opportunities and ensure spare capacity is used as efficiently as possible, delivering cost-efficient use of transport capacity and improved returns on each journey.

Warehouse Location Optimization Study

In a global market, optimizing warehouse locations is crucial to maintain efficient use of transportation capacity and assets across a large network. Leveraging cutting-edge analysis and industry expertise, our team develop new strategies that ensure each transport network is operating at maximum efficiency through optimized warehousing distribution.

Claims Management

Processing freight claims can be time consuming, causing frustration for every shipper. Our management solution takes the burden from your team and allows our specialists to create a centralized, cutting edge loss and damage claims process. We build transparent systems that deliver the time and cost savings our clients need, offering superior performance and advanced reporting at every stage of the process.

Routing Guide SOP’s

Routing guides, when used effectively, are able to reduce overall costs and enhance performance through streamlining operations. In this way, shippers are in a position to offer superior solutions for clients. Our team provide careful analysis of operations to create SOP routing guides that deliver more efficient use of capacity and strengthen transport partnerships through enhanced value and performance.

Dynamic Reporting

Our cutting-edge technology platform delivers exceptional reporting for every aspect of the transport system. Simple dashboards allow users to quickly create targeted reports in real time that deliver the insight of operations. Whether a broad overview or a focused examination of specific areas, these reports provide actionable data in a clear, concise way.


Whatever your area of concern or interest, we generate KPIs for every aspect of the transport process. From high-level values related to overall transport performance through to low-level measurement of vehicle performance or employee time usage, we provide accurate data and clear reporting for the entire business.